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Skanska in the UK

Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.


Our organisation

The senior management team consists of the most senior 20 or so executives in Skanska UK, who together manage the day to day operation of the business. Members are made up of the company’s executive management team, plus managing directors of core business areas and the heads of support functions.

Skanska UK comprises eight operating units responsible for different sectors. Each has a managing director and leadership team. There are also a number of centralised support functions, called enabling functions. 

The heads of the enabling functions and the managing directors of the operating units make up Skanska UK’s 25-strong senior management team. This team is responsible for the day to day management of Skanska UK. They report into the executive management team – the group responsible for setting the strategic direction of Skanska UK, led by our UK President and CEO Mike Putnam.