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Skanska in the UK

Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.

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Our strategy

Our goal is to achieve sustainable profitable growth for our shareholders, through a responsible approach to business.

Sustainable growth

We aim to achieve stable market share in our core sectors within construction, development and maintenance. Where there are opportunities for growth within these sectors, we will look to build up our business in a measured, sustainable way. 

The main growth of our company will be achieved organically, in addition to occasional acquisitions and by entering new markets. Where we see future growth opportunities, we will invest today to ensure we are well positioned to capitalise on those opportunities tomorrow. Before committing to enter a new sector or buy another company, we will carry out extensive due diligence, planning and preparatory work.

Responsible business

It is our responsibility to leave a positive legacy of growth and opportunity in the communities in which we work. Our commitment to health and safety, customer focus, risk and opportunity management, sustainability, ethics, and people development defines the culture of our organisation and our approach to business.

Safety comes first. Our goal is to eradicate accidents and injury on our construction sites. We believe our target of zero accidents is an achievable aspiration. We foster a culture of care and concern for others, while openly sharing developments and learning with the wider industry to drive best practice.

Our clients are very important. We aim to always meet, or exceed, our clients’ expectations, helping them achieve their objectives. We do this by constantly striving for greater efficiency and savings through new thinking and enhanced delivery methods. We work hand-in-hand with customers, partners and supply chain to deliver the best solution for our clients’ needs. It’s important for us to work with clients that embrace similar values to Skanska; we will not work with unethical organisations.

Every project must be run in a profitable way. Loss-making projects harm our financial position, our reputation and our ability to deliver for our customers. We will constantly review our financial forecasting and reporting procedures to ensure we have robust risk management systems in place which are applied rigorously.

We will seek out ever more sustainable solutions throughout the construction, development and maintenance process to protect and enhance our position as a leading green company. The ultimate aim of our Journey to Deep Green™ is for all Skanska projects to have a near-zero impact on the environment.

We will always take an ethical approach to business, living by our Code of Conduct. Our ambition is for every Skanska person to adopt ethical values and live by them in their day to day activities.

It’s important to have a skilled, diverse and empowered workforce. We want to be industry-leader in people development, offering our employees attractive opportunities to learn and develop throughout their careers.