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Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.


Big is beautiful


The St Botolph Building

The St Botolph Building

A spectacular space saver

Value: £153 million
Floor area: 550,000 ft2 over 14 floors
Client: Minerva Plc

Skanska worked with one of the world’s top architects to provide a building of significant architectural merit that also provides valuable extra space.

Situated in the financial district of the City of London, renowned architect Grimshaw designed spectacular glass cladding and a spacious atrium.

Skanska worked closely with the client to provide early access for tenants to fit-out their highly versatile floor space.

Significant savings in floor space achieved by the unique TWIN© lift strategy, which provided 16 lifts in eight shafts, increased the total area available for letting.
The Walbrook

The Walbrook

A huge building that brings daylight into London

Value: £156 million
Floor area: 600,000 ft2 over 12 floors
Client:Minerva Plc

Many global cities have large buildings that block out natural light. But in London, there are strict planning laws that insist on special designs to retain breathing space and spectacular views. The Walbrook is an example of this approach.

Occupying the majority of a City street, the design of Walbrook ensures daylight continues to reach London’s workers and visitors. Skanska delivered an ambitious environmental strategy that minimises the mass of the scheme, producing breathtaking sculptural and reflective qualities.

People enjoy the spectacular surroundings of two curved, full-height atria carved out of the deepest sections of the floor. Linked by the lift lobby, the atria draw daylight deep into the building.

The social areas – including the entrance foyer and the lift lobbies – are lined with low-ion, fibre-optic glass tubing, creating an energy– efficient lighting strategy.