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Skanska in the UK

Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.


Digital Engineering - faster, greener, leaner

Skanska is embracing the power of technology to improve the way that we work and the service we provide to our customers.

In this period of transformation for the UK construction industry, the ability to capture, share and manage data is key. We have invested consistently in digital engineering, including BIM, over many years. It’s the catalyst for collaboration and is helping us to reduce risk, save time and improve efficiency.

Most importantly, through digital engineering, we are developing better solutions for our customers that leave a positive and lasting legacy for the communities in which we work.

Digital engineering is one of the most significant developments for the construction industry in recent times. It has transformed our approach to design and engineering and will massively impact the whole industry in the years to come.

It gives us comprehensive data that enables us to take a more informed approach to building, infrastructure and facilities management projects. Through digital solutions, we can build and bring developments to life in three, four and five dimensions before work starts – from schools, hospitals and offices to roads, railways and underground utilities.

Collaborative working

Just one of the great advantages is the way that it helps us to share data and information more easily with customers, our supply chain and joint-venture partners. It facilitates new possibilities in collaborative working.

Digital engineering enables us to apply different design approaches and see, in real time, the effect they have on all aspects of the project – including on cost, materials, timescales and the environment.

When it comes to project delivery, we have full knowledge of every step in the process, accessible centrally for everyone involved – a single version of the truth. As a result, we know what will be happening every day on our sites; reducing risk, improving safety and creating opportunities to do things better.

For our facilities and asset management teams, the fantastic wealth of knowledge in digital models helps to keep buildings and major infrastructure in optimum condition in the most efficient way.

Looking to the future

As an early adopter of BIM in design and construction, Skanska UK is one of the first contractors to achieve business-wide Level 2 BIM accreditation. It demonstrates that we have the right processes and people with the right skills, expertise and drive to help our customers make the most of the benefits it offers.

We're already looking ahead to Level 3 BIM (Digital Built Britain) and how we can make the most of the opportunities it brings. Ultimately, it helps us build for a better society, our purpose at Skanska.