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Skanska in the UK

Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.


The expertise of our people

For us, building information modelling is not about software, it’s about people. It’s about developing the right skill set and behaviours that enable digital engineering to become firmly embedded in the way that people work – helping to deliver projects faster, greener and leaner.

As an early adopter, we recognise the difference that building information modelling (BIM) is making, improving how we design, construct, deliver and maintain buildings and infrastructure projects.

Our approach has been driven from the very top by Johan Karlström, President and CEO Skanska AB.

Thanks to our early start, we now have people with many years’ experience combined with strong relationships with the suppliers who help us bring these digital technologies to life. It means that we are able to derive maximum benefit from BIM, implementing it on a wide range of construction, infrastructure and facilities services projects, benefiting clients and end-users alike.

Training and development

We recognise the importance of on-going training and development in digital technologies, where the rapid pace of change is driving the delivery of ever more powerful solutions.  We have always seen BIM as an opportunity for our people to learn new skills, spending less time on automated tasks and more on activities that add value. It’s led to the launch of two new training packages:

  1. Corporate BIM training, which has four learning pathways:

    BIM Awareness - the Skanska definition of BIM and how BIM adds value to both Skanska and clients.

    UK Government and Level 2 – how BIM level 2 and the UK Government mandate can create better value for Skanska and clients. BIM Processes and Our Way of Working - how Skanska implements BIM and where the BIM processes fit in the project lifecycle. Execution Planning – why the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is important, how to start building the BEP and where to go for additional guidance. 

  2. Technical BIM training that’s run on the Pinnacle platform, providing just-in-time training on software and workflows for more experienced users.

International collaboration

As part of our commitment to work smarter, Skanska’s global Senior Executive Team sponsors multiple global expert groups which specialise in sharing best practice in our core competencies from around the world, including BIM.

The BIM expert group features a member from each of the countries we operate in, who actively shares their experience and knowledge. Through bi-monthly meetings we are able to discuss BIM implementation, lessons learned on projects, industry insights and areas of common interest for further development.

The BIM expert group also sponsors an annual Global BIM Summit and arranges quarterly webinars, often co-sponsored with other areas of our expert groups, such as in safety or green. BIM experts may also be shared between our different global territories, ensuring that all of our BIM knowledge is available to any project, at any time.