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Skanska in the UK

Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.


Working together

We truly believe that by working together we can achieve amazing things. Through building information modelling we have a fantastic suite of tools that enable us to work closely with our clients and supply chain partners in a shared digital space, helping to deliver better solutions faster, cheaper and with less risk.

Building information modelling (BIM) significantly improves our capability to plan, construct and maintain buildings and infrastructure projects. We can capture more detailed information and make it readily available in commonly understood formats, so that project teams are best positioned to collaboratively execute a singular vision.

One source of the truth

The key enabler of collaboration in BIM is the common data environment (CDE); the system used to collect, manage and distribute all data and information generated across the project. Models, plans, costs and all other project information is stored in the cloud, making the CDE the single source of the truth. With project teams sometimes running to many hundreds of people, it enables information to be easily shared and updated together.

Being in a digital space, information is accessible 24/7, wherever and whenever it is needed. Handheld tablets such as iPads are now commonly deployed, enabling models and plans to be accessible to site and office based teams at the same time. It means updates can be made in real-time, with much greater accuracy that helps to reduce risk.

People not packages

As an early adopter of digital engineering technologies, our people have had the time to best understand and get maximum value from BIM.

It’s knowledge that we’re keen to share with our supply chain, because we can’t fully embrace this new way of working without them. It is only by helping the wider industry to upskill that we will be able to deliver the best solutions for clients, while helping to achieve the targets set in the industrial strategy Construction 2025.

We have been working closely with our supply chain to understand how they’re integrating BIM, identifying common challenges and opportunities that we can help to address. We’ve developed a number of training and development courses, from general awareness and BIM theory through to detailed software proficiency guides, which are available to our employees and partners.

As a global business, we share learning and insights through our BIM experts group. We share this knowledge more widely too, through our membership of industry bodies and our participation in events. Greater collaboration across industry will help us all to deliver carbon and cost savings, while reducing risk and delivering projects more efficiently and quickly.