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Skanska in the UK

Here you will find information relating to Skanska UK including the services we provide, career opportunities and UK contacts amongst other things.


Offshore wind

Our vision is to play a significant role in delivering the country’s sustainable energy needs of the future.

Lead partner Skanska and Boskalis Offshore, and sustainable design and engineering consultancy Grontmij have been working together developing a robust, flexible and cost effective solution for the construction and installation of substructures suitable for the deeper water of Round 3 and Scottish Territorial sites.

Combining innovative design with our collaborative approach, we can develop bespoke solutions to meet the toughest of marine conditions and latest-generation of turbine sizes. The design of our gravity base substructure is underpinned by a comprehensive strategy for mass production and installation.

Skanska, Boskalis Offshore and Grontmij provide the complementary skills needed to design, construct and install deep-water offshore wind substructures.

Skanska Boskalis Offshore is a partnership you can trust to deliver.

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