Gloucestershire LED street lighting

Carbon reduction with new technology

We are helping Gloucestershire County Council achieve its carbon reduction target by upgrading ageing street lights to the latest LED technology.

Almost 55,000 street lights are being replaced with energy-efficient LEDs. Compared to traditional lamps, LED street lights are much more cost and energy efficient, more reliable and easier to maintain.

The initial installation will take place over four years, followed by a maintenance period, a contract with a total value of £32-41 million. The upgrade is expected to save £17 million in energy costs over 12 years and cut carbon emissions by an estimated 7,000 tonnes each year.

Precise control

Digital control units – known as central management systems – are being installed within every lamp post. Our engineers use these systems to monitor the performance of specific lights, make adjustments to their brightness and detect faults quickly.

Before starting work in each area of Gloucestershire, members of the project team hold a local drop-in session. These events provide residents with the opportunity to discuss the benefits of the upgrade and find out when their street is likely to be converted.

The benefits

  • Converting to LED reduces energy usage by up to 70%
  • Lights can be dimmed remotely, with a corresponding decrease in energy use
  • Maintenance costs reduced by up to 70%
  • Clearer, more focused lighting decreases light pollution
  • Faults reported automatically, allowing engineers to respond faster

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