Croydon and Lewisham Street Lighting

Croydon and Lewisham street lighting

In a 50/50 consortium with John Laing, Skanska combined its experience in infrastructure services, utilities and public realm works to deliver the design, installation and ongoing operations of Croydon and Lewisham’s street lighting.

In the first five years of the contract, the team has replaced approximately 38,000 street lights and 8,000 street signs and bollards. Work also included the refurbishment of a further 4,000 street lights.

Ongoing support

In addition, Skanska will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the street lighting stock, including the provision of helpdesk services and emergency response during the life of the project.

Better road safety

Under the contract the team will provide new, improved and energy-efficient street lighting across the boroughs, which will directly support better road safety and deliver an improved night time environment.

The central management system – a key part of the solution – will provide a high level of control, enabling street lighting levels to be varied in real-time from a central control station.

Community benefits

This will provide a number of benefits to the community, such as the ability to enhance light levels in specific locations at peak times, improved visibility in response to incidents, remote fault detection and lower carbon emissions from reduced night scouting activities.

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