Area 2 asset support contract

  • M5 Motorway
    - M5 Motorway
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Managing the roads of the south west


Area 2 asset support contract

We are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of a major part of the trunk road and motorway network in the south west.

The five-year contract with Highways England covers all routine maintenance and management of a network that extends from Salisbury to Exeter and up to Gloucester, including sections of the M4 and M5 motorways.

It includes:

  • Surfacing and surface treatment works
  • Drainage and gully maintenance
  • Sign maintenance
  • Grass and vegetation cutting
  • Emergency response and winter service
  • Street lighting
  • Gully cleansing and drainage jetting
  • Inspection repairs

The contract maintains 679 miles of carriageway, 40 miles of footways and 1,253 structures. It also covers the development, design and construction of renewal and improvement works across the network.

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