Skanska UK statement regarding COVID-19

People’s safety and wellbeing remain our number one priority. As the COVID-19 crisis has developed we have continued to evolve our approach, with close alignment to government and public health authority guidance. We have robust and effective business continuity plans in place that are regularly reviewed and can be swiftly implemented, as the situation develops.

We have clear COVID-19 control measures in place on all our sites, and we are keeping these under constant review. These measures meet Skanska’s stringent safety requirements, as well as those outlined in the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) Site Operating Procedures, which Skanska has been heavily involved in developing. We continue to work with the CLC, Build UK and our customers in developing ways of working which ensure the safety of our workers, our supply chain partners and members of the public.

It is in Skanska’s DNA always to do the right thing and to go beyond the limits of expectation wherever we can, both as a company and as people. There are countless examples during this crisis of Skanska people quietly going about, doing exceptional things to support our customers, protect the general public and help keep essential services running. It’s just what we do.

Last updated: 05/05/2020