Inspiring the next generation

We believe we have a responsibility to help to inspire the next generation, raising their awareness and providing them with opportunities to enter the construction industry.

Education ambassadors

We encourage our employees to sign up to be education ambassadors. This involves giving up their time to visit local schools and act as role models to young people.

Through engaging workshops and presentations, they help increase young people's aspirations and pre-employability skills.

We promote two education schemes – STEM Learning and Inspiring the Future. We currently have over 218 education ambassadors, with a target of over 400 by 2020.

Skanska UK education ambassadors

  • 155 STEM Learning ambassadors
  • 63 Inspiring the Future ambassadors

Mentoring young people

Since 2005, we have worked with Arrival Education to help young Londoners from challenging backgrounds break out of destructive cycles and improve their life chances.

As part of Arrival Education's long-term 'Success for Life' development programme, we have hosted 20 workshops at our offices, involving 140 Skanska employees and 350 young people.

Supporting University Technology Colleges (UTCs)

UTCs are learning institutions that focus on science, engineering and other technical disciplines. They aim to prepare students with the skills needed to join a modern, skilled workforce.

We partner two UTCs: London South Bank and London Design and Engineering. This helps ensure their curriculums are linked to what goes on in business today, whilst also providing pathways into our industry for a wide range of young people across London, and beyond.

Embracing social inclusion schemes

We believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities, and that we can achieve a notable effect on a number of young lives.

Youthbuild UK

Youthbuild UK helps disadvantaged, unemployed people aged 14 to 24 train and achieve the skills needed to work in construction. For the past 10 years we have been an active supporter of the charity and sponsored their 'Young Builder of the Year' awards, recognising the successes of those who have turned their lives around by focusing on a career in construction.

Young offenders' programmes

Getting into the job market can be hard – especially if you have a past criminal conviction. We believe that these individuals deserve the opportunity to re-train and re-enter the workplace.

We actively support the young offender programme led by National Grid, which provides ex-offenders with training and employment opportunities. This helps to significantly reduce re-offending rates, from a national average of 50 per cent to seven per cent.

We have trained 116 people and helped 75 ex-offenders into employment since 2005.

Road safety ambassadors

As part of our partnership with the road safety charity Brake, a number of our employees have been trained as '2Young2Die' road safety ambassadors.

Focusing on local schools, they promote safer driving to those who are statistically the most at-risk road users. This group is also nearing the age of driving lessons.

“Brake are a great charity, who help people bereaved by road death, and campaign to make the roads safer. We are committed to helping them spread their message.”
Alison Moriarty, Skanska's fleet risk and compliance manager
Last updated: 28/03/2017