Carbon transparency

Skanska UK has published estimates of the emissions of all of its supply chain and is calling on other major contractors to do the same

Progress towards net-zero by 2045

Our latest annual data shows good progress towards Skanska UK’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2045, including the supply chain.

The release of this latest data set is part of the commitment we made last year, to publish an annual estimate of our supply chain emissions.

We believe that all tier one contractors should take this approach and that greater transparency is essential if the construction industry is to realistically tackle the emissions it is responsible for.

The 2019 data shows a fall in both direct emissions and the estimate of supply chain emissions. The total amount of emissions is down by 15 per cent, a fall of 60,371 tonnes of CO₂e (a common measure of carbon emissions). Direct emissions were at 31,172 tonnes of CO₂e and our estimate of supply chain emissions is 321,854 tonnes of CO₂e.

Our carbon intensity has also fallen to 205 in 2019, from 215 in 2018 – comparable construction activities today produce fewer emissions than in previous years.

We believe we have made good progress towards our goal of net-zero emissions by 2045, including the supply chain.

In addition, we have improved the way we estimate supply chain emissions, so our data is more accurate.

Emissions data 2019

You can download the full report here.

All the emissions data and targets referred to in this page relate to Skanska UK. Our emissions goals are aligned with the Skanska group’s global carbon reduction targets.