How we measure green

By measuring how green we are, we can accurately assess what we do and find ways to improve our environmental performance.

Skanska Color Palette™

We measure this through our Skanska Color Palette™. We developed this strategic tool to measure and guide our green activities. It has a range from vanilla to green to Deep Green, reflecting the stages between legal compliance and near-zero environmental impact.

A Deep Green project is one that achieves zero environmental impact on at least three of the six core areas, covering energy, carbon, materials and water. They are:

  • net zero primary energy
  • near-zero carbon in construction
  • zero waste
  • zero hazardous materials
  • zero unsustainable materials
  • net zero water for buildings and zero potable water for civil and infrastructure construction

How we measure green

Vanilla: the construction process, product performance or operation of the facility is in compliance with applicable laws, codes and standards.

Green: the construction process, product performance or operation of the facility is beyond compliance, but not yet at a point where it can be considered to have near-zero environmental impact.

Deep Green: the construction process, product performance or operation of the facility has a near-zero impact on the environment and thereby future-proofs our projects.

Deep Green in Doncaster

In 2015, we delivered our first Deep Green project in the UK. Our Bentley Works facility in Doncaster is built from sustainable sources, generates its own energy, harvests water and has a near zero carbon footprint. No hazardous materials were used and zero waste was sent to landfill during construction.

Performance to date:

  • 40 per cent reduction in electricity
  • 87 per cent reduction in gas
  • 57 per cent reduction kWh
  • 20 per cent improvement in occupant satisfaction

Bentley Works turned our near-zero environmental impact vision into reality. It sets the standard for future projects.

Measuring our corporate environmental performance

As well as using the Skanska Color Palette™ to measure and guide green performance on projects, we measure our corporate environmental performance through strategic indicators. These indicators monitor waste, energy, carbon and water consumption and are used to assess implementation of group policies or initiatives, such as our green car policy, use of restricted materials and sustainable procurement.

Where appropriate, we use external verification to assure our information. For example, our carbon data is assessed under the CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) programme.

Last updated: 23/01/2017