Unlocking potential with custodial facilities

We have been delivering modern, cost-effective custodial solutions for more than 20 years, supporting the government’s reform and rehabilitation agenda.

Custodial expertise

In the UK we have delivered 15 turnkey solutions for the Ministry of Justice and the Scottish Prison Service. We also work in long-term partnership and our collaboration with Serco, on projects worth over £400m in total, has delivered over 3,000 custodial places.

Our capability covers the whole life cycle of a custodial facility, from private finance options and maximising the value of estates, to best-practice design and minimising cost, as well as construction management and advice on maintenance.

Reducing re-offending

We support the young offender programme led by National Grid. Participants are assigned a Skanska mentor, and given training and work experience while on licence.

This scheme is significantly reducing re-offending, from the national average of 50 per cent down to 7 per cent.

Last updated: 23/01/2017