Schools and colleges

We finance, build, upgrade and maintain to create inspiring places for learning. We use sustainable technology and green construction techniques to revitalise existing buildings and build new school facilities where pupils love to learn. We are also instrumental in providing finance.

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Working in partnership

In Bristol and Essex, we formed two of the country’s first Local Education Partnerships (LEPs) with local authorities. This provided vital funding to refurbish, rebuild and maintain schools.


In 2006, we formed the country’s first Local Education Partnership (LEP) with Bristol City Council, a ten-year programme which was recently extended for a further five years.

So far, we’ve created nearly 8,000 new primary places and improved the learning environment for over 13,600 secondary pupils, with more new and upgraded schools in the pipeline.  Find out more about our work in Bristol schools here (PDF).


Since 2008, we have created over 6,000 new school places in Essex.

We have collaborated with Essex County Council and the Essex LEP to build three primary schools, three secondary schools, and a school for children aged 4 to 18 years with disabilities.

Primary schools

Building and refurbishing primary schools.

Primary schools

Secondary schools

Building and maintaining secondary schools.

Secondary schools

Universities and colleges

Further and higher education buildings.

Universities and colleges
Last updated: 22/09/2016