Secondary schools

Modern secondary schools helping to drive up standards.


We have been working in partnership with Bristol City Council and the Local Education Partnership (LEP) since 2006.

During that time, we have built six new secondary schools and refurbished a further six. We’ve already improved the learning environment for over 13,600 children in the city. Find out more about our work in Bristol schools here (PDF).


Some 900 school students at All Saints’ Academy in Cheltenham now enjoy state-of-the-art learning facilities. We started this £25 million church academy in 2010 and completed it ahead of schedule in September 2011.

The project was showcased in the Construction Manager of the Year Awards 2012 and a gold was awarded to the Skanska project manager.


We have built and maintained two secondary schools on Canvey Island and a further one in Basildon, creating over 3,500 new places in total.

Columbus School and College in Chelmsford provides specialist education and therapy facilities for 240 children and young people with learning difficulties and autism.

“The measure of our society is how we treat the most needy in the community, and there’s something both magical and tangible about what we’re doing in this place to make difference the norm. The buildings really help.”
Principal Ginny Bellard

Facilities management creates greener schools

As well as building educational facilities, we also maintain them.

We also used our expertise in sustainability to carry out a green retrofit at Impington Village College in Cambridgeshire in 2013. This helped to combat rising fuel costs and cut carbon emissions by at least 10 percent.

We installed a number of energy-saving measures, including a biomass boiler that saves £60,000 a year and reduces carbon emissions by 30 percent. The scheme pays for itself after seven years, after which the school will save around £120,000 in energy costs, which it can use for improving education for pupils.

Last updated: 23/01/2017