Areas of technical excellence

Find out more about Cementation Skanska's areas of technical excellence.

Pile testing and interpretation

Cementation Skanska has a substantial database of pile load tests covering the whole of the UK, including many varied ground conditions and pile types.

Analysis and interpretation of these pile test results, in conjunction with our database of thousands of site investigations, enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the performance of piles under a wide range of ground conditions.

This in-depth knowledge can be invaluable at the early stages of a scheme design, to advise on realistic pile capacities and optimum piling methods.

Design capability

Our in-house design team offers a huge range of geotechnical experience to ensure the success of your project. Our experts are at the forefront of engineering solutions, from deep-piled foundations and piled embedded retaining walls, to complex tunnel-pile interaction problems requiring innovative solutions.

Our designers have played a leading role in the implementation of Eurocodes (European Codes of Practice for the design of structures) for pile design in the UK, and have developed advanced, in-house modelling software for design optimisation. Our design team is committed to technical excellence through back-analysis of real pile performance, and through continuous research collaboration with several leading UK universities.


Read how we are working with Eurocodes.


Specialist fabrications and servicing

We provide a huge range of manufacturing, engineering and maintenance services.

Specialist fabrications and servicing
Last updated: 23/01/2017