Auger and screw displacement piles

Our auger displacement piling (ADP) is quick, quiet and virtually vibration-free. The system is an effective alternative to driven type piles, for lighter loads in urban situations ADP generates minimal spoil, reducing the cost of disposal. This system is ideally suited to founding in loose to medium dense granular soils.

Displacement techniques

Our screw pile system is one of several bored displacement techniques developed by Cementation Skanska over the last 15 years.The tool is screwed into the ground to the required depth, or rig refusal. It is then ‘unscrewed’, while concrete is pumped from the base of the tool.

Onboard supervision

Key to this process is the use of onboard instrumentation, to monitor the installation process. Being able to watch over the process helps ensure the process is consistent and the correct ‘ribbed’ shaft profile is achieved.

Last updated: 23/01/2017