Driven piling

Driven piling is a versatile system, suitable for many types of soil. It provides economical and quick solutions, where noise and vibration are not a concern.

Driven cast-in-situ

Our driven cast-in-situ pile offers speed and versatility. The piling machines are track-mounted and equipped with hydraulic hammers allowing piles to be driven depth quickly and efficiently.

Installation involves top driving a tube into the ground, using a five-ton hydraulic hammer. The bottom end of the tube is capped with an expendable shoe.

On reaching the required depth, or a pre-calculated resistance that will enable the pile to carry the required load, reinforcement is inserted and the tube filled with self-compacting concrete.

As the tube is withdrawn, the concrete is compacted using the rig tube vibrator, or with the driving hammer. All hydraulic hammer rigs have a digital instrumentation system that provides a continuous display of depth and driving resistance.

Driven precast piles

Precast piles are particularly useful for very soft ground or in aggressive or contaminated soils. Pile units are joined together using a mechanically locking joint. Piles can be pre-coated with a bituminous slip layer to reduce the effects of negative skin friction. In soils requiring protection from very aggressive chemical attack, the piles can be pre-coated with bitumen. Applied before delivery, this provides an impervious and chemically inert barrier.

Last updated: 23/01/2017