Micro piles

There are two solutions for installing micro-diameter steel-tube piles to carry light loads such as staircases and lampposts.


The Grundomat system is a man-portable air-driven pile hammer to install. It can provide the solution where working spac, is restricted.

Self-drill piles are hollow steel rods, tipped with a cutting head. These are drilled into the ground, either vertically or at an angle. As they are drilled in, grout is pumped down the hollow steel rod to flush out any material. Once the micro-pile is at the right depth, new grout is pumped in.


Mini-drilling uses an excavator mounted drill mast or a mini-drilling rig. The piles are small, economical and particularly useful in places where access is difficult, such as railway or road embankments, river banks and power stations.

Last updated: 23/01/2017