Mini piles and restricted access piling

Piling solutions for confined spaces

Grouted mini-piles

Grouted mini-piles are a foundation solution for confined space or headroom which we have used for over 25 years. They are typically used to underpin or strengthen existing structures, internally and externally.

This type of pile uses a drill head, rather than an auger. As the pile is drilled into the ground, it injects grout into the surrounding soil to bond to the surrounding ground.

Minimal disruption

There are a number of advantages in using grouted mini-piles. They can be used in difficult or variable ground conditions. They can be used within existing buildings, causing minimal disruption.

Bored mini-piles

Cementation Skanska offers a full-range of mini-piling services. As well as conventionally powered mini-piling rigs, we operate electric rigs. These can be used in very confined spaces, without exhaust emission issues.

The diameter and depth of mini-piles are determined by ground conditions and the size of the rig that can access the location, making it essential to discuss design details at an early stage.

Last updated: 23/01/2017