Our building expertise

Our experience takes in some of the UK’s most iconic buildings. On keynote projects, in prime locations, we’ve re-used piles we installed 60 years ago for the original building.

Construction pioneers

We’ve pioneered techniques to ease the construction process in tight urban environments, surrounded by high value and historic structures.

During work on the iconic Harrods store’s basement in London, for example, our Cemloc® system reduced work time by approximately 15 weeks, when compared to more traditional methods.

Commercial property

As a partner in the Re-use of Foundations for Urban Sites (RuFUS) project, we also lead the piling industry in recycling foundations. When carrying out work at Bevis Marks, for example, we reduced concrete use by approximately 2,500m3, reinforcement by 50 tonnes and 14,500 litres of fuel. This resulted in significant savings for the client, and the joint project won the prestigious Ground Engineering Sustainability Award 2013.

Cost-effective Energy Piles®

Our Energy Piles® can be adapted to harness geothermal energy, resulting in reduced whole-life costs. As an additional benefit, the Energy Piles® can be adapted to heat or cool a building, ensuring perpetual savings for the client or landlord. The company brings the same attention to detail to small retail or residential schemes as it does to major commercial or mixed-use developments in city centres.

Last updated: 23/01/2017