Our wide range of foundation techniques are deployed across rail, roads and airport projects.


Over the past 20 years, we have designed and built more than 35km of earth structure remediation projects across the UK’s rail network. We’ve stabilised railway embankments and cuttings, provided foundations for bridges, viaducts and stations and installed some of the deepest piled retaining walls and diaphragm walls in the UK for Crossrail projects.

For the upgrade of London’s Victoria station, our geotechnical experts installed secant walls for two new ticket halls. We stabilised old coal workings to allow the Borders Railway to be reconstructed, injecting 5,000 tonnes of grout into 325km of borehole at depths of up to 70m.

As well as large-scale projects, we’ve also been involved in smaller schemes, such as providing smaller rigs and ground treatment services for signal bases and access platforms.


Our foundations work on roads includes support for highway bridges, embankments and complex interchanges. These projects range from small footbridges to extensive motorway widening schemes.

Last updated: 23/01/2017