Public-private partnerships and infrastructure investment

A major feature of our business model is investing in infrastructure, as well as construction and maintenance. We invest our own money into public-private partnerships (PPP), private finance initiatives (PFI) and other types of infrastructure projects involving project finance.

How it works

The Public Private Partnership concept is a procurement method that uses private investment to create or rebuild public infrastructure. It is a long-term, performance-based contract between government entities, private investors, construction firms, and asset and operations managers, where early involvement by, and close collaboration between, the involved parties leverages private sector expertise.

The project is delivered by a consortium and repayment is long-term through user fees such as tolls, availability payments from the government client, or a combination of the two.

The public client retains ownership of the asset and assumes responsibilities at the end of the contract term, which is usually 25-50 years. Capital improvements during the contract period ensure that the asset is handed back to the client in optimal condition.

We invest in projects during the higher risk development, construction and transition to operations phases. With equity at stake, the private sector takes on and manages certain risks more efficiently.

Once the project is proven to meet our customers’ requirements and in steady state operations, we typically divest the projects to long-term investors like pension funds.

Our ways of adding value

We work with our clients as their long-term partner, providing financial support and global expertise for the development, design, construction, and operation of projects.

  • Building for a better society. We provide communities with safe transportation, and state-of-the-art social infrastructure, while also creating jobs during the construction and operation of a project.
  • Financial strength. We invest our own equity and secure financing for Public-Private Partnerships to deliver our promise to provide sustainable projects to the communities where we operate.
  • Life cycle costing. We consider the balance between construction and long term operational costs and can deliver significant financial and environmental benefits.
  • Equity, Development and Construction. We invest, develop, build and operate assets; we are one company with many deliveries.
  • Experience and Reputation. We have developed and operated +30 Public Private Partnership projects globally, and stand behind some of the largest, award-winning projects. 
Last updated: 23/01/2017