Green buildings

Our approach to a greener building is to deliver facilities management with the least environmental impact. We provide value for money and services that benefit communities. Our dedicated teams focus on finding ways to improve your facility’s green credentials.

Carbon reduction

We offer a range of green building solutions that will reduce energy use, cut costs and lower carbon emissions.

Green building solutions include:

  • biomass boilers – generating heat from renewable, low-carbon fuel derived from plants
  • building fabric improvements – upgrades to walls, roofs and building materials to improve energy efficiency
  • combined heat and power – electricity created from generating heat, to help reduce energy consumption from traditional sources
  • energy monitoring and metering – recording energy use to identify opportunities for savings
  • engagement programme – education to help people reduce energy usage
  • geothermal pumps – to help heat and cool buildings
  • low-energy lighting – smart systems that save energy
  • solar energy systems – harvest power from the sun to generate heat and electricity
  • solar film – minimise heat gain and sun glare on windows
  • variable speed drives – optimise motor speeds to use only the energy needed to heat and cool
  • voltage optimisation – regulate and reduce incoming voltage to cut energy waste
Last updated: 23/01/2017