Energy management

Around 80 per cent of a building’s carbon usage happens during the period it is operational. We focus on this to significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact.

Healthy buildings

Alongside energy management, we look at whether a building is healthy for occupants. Factors such as temperature, air quality and carbon dioxide levels affect productivity and ultimately profitability.

Our service

Our aim is to:

  • understand where and why you are paying too much
  • select the energy saving measures that best suit your business
  • provide energy saving solutions that cut costs

We do this through our five step programme:

  1. understand – we work with you to understand your building’s usage, your business objectives and your energy saving targets
  2. select – we measure your existing energy usage and carry out an energy review, in the form of a desktop audit, to identify and select the best energy savings measures for you
  3. design – our energy-saving advisors put together an investment-grade audit to define and agree cost and savings, detail measures and select the solutions for your building
  4. deliver – we put in place the agreed energy-saving measures, using a detailed programme, while ensuring business as usual for you. This gives you peace of mind that savings will be realised at the earliest opportunity
  5. perform – we provide a managed service, continuously analysing energy consumption and recommending improvement measures while providing support, training and education for building users.

Energy performance

Our energy consultants can advise you on what energy-saving measures work best in which building, and where your investment will be most effective. We then design, install, maintain and guarantee energy-saving measures. These include the latest renewable technologies, generating your own energy and managing behavioural change programmes.

We help you navigate through all the third-party funding schemes such as feed-in tariff income and renewable heat incentives and support you through the application process.

Our facilities energy management services can offer you:

  • significant cost savings – reduce energy bills with no upfront investment
  • business continuity – no disruption to your occupants
  • enhanced internal environment for occupants – maximising fresh air and natural light
  • corporate community involvement – engage the wider community and improve the perception of your brand
  • more attractive workplaces and improved occupancy

Energy performance contracts

You do not need capital to take advantage of the benefits of reduced energy bills. We can help you find the right funding option to give you the best return on investment.

The savings generated are used to pay back the managed service fee and cost of installation over a set period of time. After this period, you get the direct benefit of these cost and energy savings.

Last updated: 23/01/2017