Savings from waste management

Reducing waste is essential. We use a system which rates waste management options by their environmental impact, and using the principle of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, we help our customers to think creatively about waste.

It has helped us to develop an industry-leading approach to waste management. In turn, we are able to help our customers reduce carbon and save money.

Waste reduction

We have helped fund and lead major behaviour change programmes, taking employees on a journey to a greener way of thinking, while also improving the place in which they work.

We focus on individual waste streams, including:

  • the logistics of how teams dispose of waste, for example cleaning and catering teams
  • increasing compliance (making sure people dispose of waste appropriately)
  • reducing disposal costs.

We take an innovative approach and implement a number of different technologies that improve recycling rates and efficiencies, such as reverse vending machines (where you put cans in instead of getting them out).

Last updated: 23/01/2017