FM services for business

We provide all the core functions for business premises, with a track record in both commercial office and public-sector environments. We always work to the highest industry standards.

Facilities services for business

Our services include:

  • cleaning
  • catering
  • mailroom
  • security

Cleaning: building confidence

First impressions count. This is why we work so hard to create clean, welcoming places that you can be proud of.

We can:

  • carry out inspections and visual audits
  • complete regular cleaning to agreed schedules

Catering: fuel for the day

We do everything from barista-style coffee to three-course lunches. The ingredients we use are sustainably sourced and provide the best possible value for money.

Mailroom: keeping everything on track

Even in a digital world, the fast and efficient management of mail is essential in any organisation.

We can help your organisation deal with mail even across multiple sites in large organisations, alongside courier service bookings and the delivery of large and bulky items to anywhere in the world.

Security: looking out for everyone

Above all else, our focus is on keeping people safe, in whatever environment we work in.

Our security teams provide traditional services, such as CCTV monitoring, 24/7 manned guarding and mobile patrols.

Security guards are often the first point of contact, especially in emergency situations. Our people are trained to deal with unexpected situations and provide a calming and authoritative presence.

Last updated: 23/01/2017