BIM in facilities management

Building information modelling (BIM) provides an accurate plan of a building, its assets and data about its operation and management. It is a collaboration tool leading to better communication, greater efficiency, more precise work programmes and reduced risk.

Facilities services software

The technology links with mobile devices in the field, giving people on site access to real-time information. This speeds up the maintenance process, improves quality and cuts down on paperwork. It also provides evidence that faults have been fixed, all at the press of a button.

Additional benefits include:

  • visualisation: supports and enhances collaboration and understanding during construction and asset management phases
  • sustainability: greener options are more easily investigated and evidenced
  • lifecycle cost tracking: allows faster, more detailed investigation of design options and lifecycle project costs
  • safety: supports safety reviews and identifies potential hazards and clashes before they happen
  • investment return: provides accurate, comprehensive records and data management
Last updated: 23/01/2017