Working in partnership to deliver development projects

We work as partner to, primarily, public-sector organisations to help them deliver their aspirations. This might be creating schools places, increasing the number of hospital beds they can provide or raising revenue to support better services for the local community.

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Through our experience in finance, development, project management, asset management and construction, we provide support for our customers in identifying how to make the best use of their land and building assets.

The right partner

Our strong collaboration skills and a shared understanding of our partner’s ultimate goals are essential to success.

We’ve shown to numerous partners the value we bring to development and construction projects, working together to analyse their estates and how to develop them to best advantage.

We work with local authorities, NHS trusts and the MOD, in long-term or short-term partnerships, to find innovative solutions to the challenges they face and bring their vision to fruition.

Some recent projects

  • Bristol schools LEP
  • Project Wellesley/Mindenhurst
  • Hammarby Sjöstad
  • South Essex College

Strategic estates partnerships

We’re comfortable working with a number of different types of partnership model – sometimes with a number of technical organisations or providers, sometimes as the sole partner.

The emerging model of strategic estates partnerships (SEPs) enables us to bring to bear a broad range of the skills and experiences we’ve acquired during decades of delivering all sorts of projects and developments to both public and private-sector organisations.

Last updated: 23/01/2017