Air, Noise and Vibration

The construction industry is a major source of air and noise pollution which can cause nuisance and health problems for people and wildlife. In fact, noise and air pollution are the most immediate pollution affects you may experience from a construction site.

Skanska Technology’s Environmental Consultants have extensive experience in air, noise & vibration management, and provide a wide range of clients with comprehensive services and tools relating to modelling, monitoring and assessment.

Skanska Tech’s Environmental Consultants can identify environmental impacts and constraints and manage the Air, Noise & Vibration during the planning, design, construction, and delivery stages.

Air Quality Management


We provide support in planning applications and permitting for a wide range of developments across the UK including infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial developments. We do this by delivering Environmental Impact Assessments, Air Quality Assessments and Dust Risk Assessments (DRA’s). We model existing and future air quality using the ADMS suite, assess impacts and carry out monitoring when appropriate.


The design of a building can have an effect on the local and indoor air quality. We assess technical data, complete detailed calculations and provide mitigation options and recommendations at the design stage for early implementation and increased understanding. 


We sit within a construction company so it is natural that we can and do provide all air quality management needs during the construction stage. We deliver and update Air Quality Management Plans (AQMP), Construction Impact Assessments and DRAs. We design, plan and deliver short- and long-term monitoring surveys, manage large (and small) scale air quality monitoring networks and carry out data analysis, reporting to stakeholders and advising to clients. We do onsite dust inspections, NRMM compliance checks and provide briefings to staff on site. Through our work we have ensured compliance to both environmental and occupational health standards, widened awareness for both client and project on air quality ultimately changing behaviour.


Post occupancy evaluation (POE) provides feedback on a building’s impact on its users. We are experienced in monitoring real time indoor environments, including temperature, carbon dioxide, VOCs, relative humidity and PM10, making sure we provide safe workplaces, particularly in site offices. 

Noise & Vibration Management

Skanska Technology’s experienced Acoustic Consultants are Members of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and can provide a variety of noise and vibration advice and support for both environmental and building noise and vibration impacts during the design, planning, construction, and delivery stages.  This includes the ability to be able to provide attended and unattended noise and vibration monitoring. 


We provide noise and vibration assessments to support a range of planning applications, including residential, industrial and commercial developments as well as a wide range of Infrastructure projects.  Our services include the measurement and assessment of noise and vibration following recognised standards, the preparation and submission of environmental statements for EIA.


Skanska Technology provide detailed acoustic design services and consultancy on a wide range of buildings. We can help you to identify the correct acoustic requirements for your scheme at an early stage and advise on the best means to meet them using expert knowledge of acoustic design.

Construction Phase

We have a vast range of experience in managing and monitoring environmental impacts relating to construction works.  This includes environmental management plans, Section 61 'Prior Consent' applications, (or equivalent informal agreements) with the relevant local authorities, unattended continuous monitoring, short-term attended monitoring and provision of advice on 'Best Practicable Means' and mitigation measures.

Noise at Work Assessment

Assessments of employee noise and vibration exposure can be carried out inline with criteria set out by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, by completing a comprehensive assessment of employee noise exposure at your premises.  Based on the assessment we will provide a plan to help you eliminate or reduce the risk of noise exposure to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable, as required by the Regulations.  Linked to occupational noise, we can also undertake Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) and Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) assessments. 


Our services include vibration measurement surveys and assessments to appropriate standards, complaint investigation and vibration reports for planning applications.

Plant Noise

British Standard 4142 provides the method for assessing and rating noise impact from industrial and commercial developments on noise sensitive developments.


Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) can be carried out to determine the actual noise levels at the sensitive receptors to confirm compliance with set requirements.

Last updated: 01/08/2023