Fabrications and servicing

We provide a huge range of manufacturing, engineering and maintenance services, using specialist equipment and precision tooling. Our workshops have been established in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, for almost a century.

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The latest technology

We employ a multi-skilled team of mechanical and civil engineers at the South Yorkshire site. Their expertise includes production design, fabrication, welding, electrical engineering, hydraulics and computer numerical control machining. This latter specialism involves the use of computer-controlled equipment to create items directly from 3D plans.

By manufacturing off-site at our in-house facility, we improve quality, reduce site activity and installation time, and deliver cost savings.

Our dedicated digital engineering team works closely with customers to develop innovative and bespoke modular solutions for:

  • modular pipework for fan coil units, chilled beams and other terminal unit installations skid-mounted plant modules
  • packaged plant rooms, including design drawings from customers’ specifications
    prefabricated pipework
  • risers: traditional and original modules
    bespoke pipework assemblies
  • fire protection pipework (FOC approved)
    multi-service modules
  • steelwork supports, frames and guard rails

Skanska can manufacture small and intricate components for our piling rigs or larger structural items for incorporation in temporary or permanent works.

We offer a comprehensive instrumentation and monitoring service. Our team of expert field service engineers attends emergency breakdowns and carries out routine inspections and maintenance. Customers across the UK and Ireland receive a 24-hour support service, seven days a week.

Many of the team are recruited through apprentice schemes. This enables us to develop the specialist talent needed to ensure our skills-base keeps pace with the needs of our customers.

Being green: investing for the future

60 per cent of the rigs are multi-purpose, helping to cut down on travel, carbon emissions and costs.

Plant and machinery are equipped with low emission engines. This has led to a reduction in fuel usage of up to 25 per cent, saving in excess of 500 tonnes of CO₂. In addition, the use of biodegradable hydraulic oils has doubled through re-use and recycling, all of which is good for our clients, the environment and the future.

Green workplace

Our facilities have been developed to the highest environmental standards. This benefits Skanska’s customers by providing a modern facility for engineering, manufacturing and pre-fabrication of products for the whole construction industry.

The facilities demonstrate how sustainable construction methods help to protect the environment and deliver savings for our clients and their tenants. Green features include:

  • natural lighting and cooling
  • solar panels that generate energy
  • a dual-fuel heating system that uses biomass and waste oil from machinery

Combined, these features have reduced the workshop’s energy usage by 40 per cent and the office accommodation usage by 25 per cent. Find out more about our facilities at Bentley Works.

Last updated: 23/01/2017