Advanced sustainable concrete

We are committed to increasing the amount of blended concrete we use.

Blended concrete

A blended concrete contains cement replacements, such as PFA or GGBFS which are by-products of steel and electricity production. As the manufacture of new cement is responsible for five per cent of all manmade emissions, the use of blended concrete can substantially reduce our carbon footprint.

Currently, we use concrete that is up to 85 per cent blended. This figure is well above the current regulatory standard of 50 per cent.

Sustainable concrete

We aim to further reduce our concrete carbon footprint by using recycled secondary aggregates. Concrete incorporating aggregate, a by-product of Cornish china clay production, was developed by Hanson Cement. This material was used in the foundation piles for the new Bloomberg HQ in London. Hanson Cement transported the aggregate to London by sea, further reducing transportation-related emissions.

Last updated: 24/02/2021