Eco-reinforcement standard

We first began developing a sustainable procurement policy in early 2009. The policy references the responsible sourcing of materials. It was influenced by the UK Government Strategy for Sustainable Construction and the publication of BES6001 in October 2008. All the evidence suggested that responsible sourcing would soon become a standard requirement for major projects, notably Crossrail.

The concrete sector was quick to respond to the publication of BES6001, and, by the end of 2009, more than 80 per cent of concrete used in the construction industry was responsibly sourced.

After concrete, steel reinforcement is the next largest material stream in foundation works. Along with like-minded partners and stakeholders, we committed to developing the Eco-Reinforcement standard, to offer clients the same assurance as those in the concrete sector.

Through the development of the standard, and the subsequent certification of steel mills and fabricators, we could deliver 100 per cent responsibly-sourced rebar. During a three year period, we supplied 16,000 tonnes of BES6001-compliant rebar to a range of Crossrail projects.

Last updated: 24/02/2021