Green plant

Our rigs are 60 per cent multi-purpose. This provides our fleet with a wide range of capabilities, which helps cut travel miles, carbon and cost. We monitor our engine performance and biodegradable oil, where possible.

Reducing carbon

We have cut our fuel usage by 25 per cent, by replacing existing engines with environmentally friendly tier-three and tier-four engines. This change resulted in a reduction of 513 tonnes of CO2 in 2012, saving over £120,000 and demonstrating green is cost-effective with direct benefits for our customers.

Significant eco-investment

We have invested £12 million to renew our Bentley Works site. This development will reduce our workshop’s impact on the environment.

As well as creating better facilities, we have installed new biomass boilers, solar panels and energy saver switches for lights and machinery, which will switch off when not in use. We also harvest rainwater for use in steam-cleaning of plant and equipment. Waste products from routine maintenance are recycled to reduce demand for heating oil in the winter.

Last updated: 24/02/2021