Energy piles

We are at the forefront of new developments to protect the environment. Our pioneering Energy Piles® and Energy Walls® allow the ground to become a source of renewable energy.

Energy Piles® and Energy Walls® 

Energy Piles® and Energy Walls® contain a polyurethane loop, filled with a water-glycol mixture, and connected to a heat pump. In winter, the circulating water mixture gains heat energy from the ground. This is converted to a higher temperature by a heat pump for heating within the building.

During summer, when the ambient temperature is warmer, the process works in reverse: heat rejected from the building is put back into the ground.

Award-winning renewable energy solutions

Cementation Skanska won a quality in Construction Award and a UK Green Subcontractor of the Year Award for the Energy Piles® solution. It can reduce the amount of fuel required for heating and cooling a building by approximately two thirds. Unlike other geothermal systems, Energy Piles® uses a building’s foundations, thus avoiding the extra costs associated with installing systems outside the footprint of the building.

The demand for Energy Piles® is expected to grow further. This is due to increasing energy costs and the introduction of greater renewable energy requirements for new buildings.

Last updated: 22/02/2021