Pile re-use

We lead the foundation industry in re-use of existing piles. This can significantly reduce costs and construction times with cost savings over 50 per cent on some projects.

Cutting carbon

We have a proven track record of reducing carbon emissions and client costs. We are experts at re-using existing piles and foundations, where possible. Our re-use projects in Bridgwater, Somerset and London’s Bevis Marks and 5 Broadgate buildings produced significant CO2 reductions.

Reducing costs

Our environmentally-sensitive approach also reduces financial costs for our customers, including savings of £100,000 at 5 Broadgate and £1 million for Bevis Marks.

Environment benefits

In reducing the requirements for new piles, there is also a marked benefit on the impact to surrounding property users and the community.

Bevis Marks - the rewards of re-using piles

  • 66 piles were re-used
  • this meant the entire basement box was re-used (50 per cent of the mass of the original building)
  • no pile removals were needed
  • this saved 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and eight weeks on programme time
  • the original scheme would have required a larger rig and access ramp
  • detailed analysis of construction records meant existing piles carried 56 per cent of the new building load

GE Sustainability Award

We were rewarded for our pioneering work at Bevis Marks with the 2013 Sustainability Award.



Last updated: 23/02/2021