Nortel Networks outsources installation work to Skanska

Press release 28/09/2001 00:00 CET

Telecom giant Nortel Networks is outsourcing its UK build operation and has chosen Skanska Konnect, the specialist communications business within Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil, as one its preferred partners.

The deal includes 76 Nortel employees transferring to Skanska Konnect under ¡¥TUPE¡¦, which guarantees that all terms and conditions of employment and contractual benefits are maintained.

Skanska Konnect will carry out the installation of Nortel¡¦s next generation telecommunications equipment within client premises across the UK and Eire. This includes fiber optic, wireless and switching equipment designed to carry voice and data traffic for corporate and public applications.

It is also intended that the scope of the contract will be expanded to encompass functional testing in readiness for Nortel system integration activities.

The project involves installation of the following equipment:
„h I.O.N. long haul fibre optic products, for the global distribution of voice and data traffic
„h DMS switching products for corporate telecommunication networks
„h Third generation cellular wireless products for mobile telephony.

Skanska Konnect will also install Nortel¡¦s third generation cellular wireless equipment for mobile telephony. This is a fast track programme employing nearly 40 teams across the country and will establish the company as a major player in the installation of next generation telecommunication equipment.

The outsourcing contract is in two phases. Phase one involves two contractors, Skanska Konnect and ABB, and provides each with the prospect of a minimum of 100,000 hours per year.

Phase two has been awarded to Skanska Konnect only and involves the transfer of Nortel¡¦s installation staff and the prospect of a higher quantity of hours. The contract period is for three years with an option of an additional two years.

Paul Rogers, director for Skanska Konnect, said, ¡¨We have worked with Nortel in the true spirit of partnership. Our skills and experience in carrying out this complex work using directly employed staff, together with our customer focused approach, has given Nortel the confidence that the installation of their equipment is in safe hands.¡§

The groundbreaking arrangement is part of a strategy that allows Nortel to focus resources on its core business of research, development and manufacture of telecommunication equipment and data networking products. It also carries out network design, integration and support services for its client base.