Auger displacement

Our auger displacement piles (ADP), also commonly known as Soil Displacement piles, are quick, quiet and virtually vibration-free. The system is an effective alternative to driven type piles, for lighter loads in urban situations. ADP generates minimal spoil, reducing the cost of disposal. This system is ideally suited to founding in loose to medium dense granular soils.

Advantages of CFA piling

Piles are constructed by drilling with a long continuous auger to the designed depth. Concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem of the auger during its extraction. Steel reinforcement is then plunged directly into the wet concrete.

Introduced to the UK by Cementation in the early 1980’s, the technique allows construction of piles in granular soils and below groundwater level, without the need for temporary casing. Production is generally quicker than for rotary bored piling and involves very little vibration.

Cementation Skanska has a range of dedicated and multidisciplinary rigs of various sizes, capable of installing CFA piles for a multitude of applications. All are fully computerised and equipped with the technology necessary to provide a fully quality-assured piling solution.

Last updated: 08/01/2024