Effective modular solutions

Our expertise with modular construction solutions enables us to deliver numerous benefits to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and armed services, including improved quality, sustainability, delivery programmes and cost reductions.

Our experience in design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) enables us to maximise these benefits, working with our trusted supply chain partners. Skanska's modular approach, coupled with our expertise in modern construction methods, offers particular advantage for repeated build patterns, such as single living accommodation.

Building key components remotely to be later assembled on site achieves faster, greener programme delivery.

DfMA delivers at Worthy Down

Significant efficiency gains were delivered for the MoD, DIO and armed services through our use of DfMA.

We delivered improvements to both quality and the construction programme, while reducing carbon emissions by manufacturing key modular components of the buildings off site and then assembling and installing them on site.

This included:

  • Over 800 prefabricated bedrooms
  • Prefabricated energy centres, plant rooms, manholes, lift shafts, boiler rooms, windcatchers and metal roof trusses.

Modular housing: BoKlok

We are experts at delivering modular accommodation and have recently bought the BoKlok housing concept to the UK. This is a partnership between IKEA and Skanska and features all kinds of modular homes.

Drawing on our extensive experience of offering low-cost, high-quality homes in the Nordics, we are currently bringing this approach to the south-west – providing affordable housing.

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Last updated: 29/07/2021