Piling and ground engineering

Working alongside our own piling and ground engineering division day-in and day-out gives us a real advantage. An advantage that we’re happy to share.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of our new 60MN maintained load test system? Three years in the making, and the UK’s highest capacity load test system, it’s just one example of how the knowledge we’ve amassed makes our products so influential in the piling and foundations industry.

If, like many of our customers, it’s tools and components to support piling projects that that you need, we can do that too.

Everything from foundation tooling and small, intricate parts for rigs to large structural items for temporary and permanent works, including plunge columns (more on that below).

From universal sizes to completely bespoke requirements you will benefit from the same level of precision manufacturing. In fact, we can work with you to help you develop the requirements to suit your project.

For evidence of our engineering excellence, browse our completed projects or take a closer look at the maintained load test system (otherwise known as the MLT60) we mentioned before.

Beginning with the initial concept, the whole thing was designed and built in-house. The end result speaks for itself – what better way to showcase the level of excellence that goes into our structural and mechanical steelwork? Not to mention the design, hydraulics, instrumentation and monitoring – all developed by our expert teams.

Plunge column manufacture

If you’re looking for plunge columns made with the benefit of an unrivalled understanding of how they are used and installed, then look no further.

Plunge columns are crucial to projects that call for what’s known as ‘top-down construction’. This method means that upward construction can take place at the same time as excavation of the basement – saving both time and money.

Because we work alongside our in-house piling and ground engineering team at Cementation Skanska every day, we’ve become one of the industry’s leading makers of plunge columns. 

It’s their depth of expertise that has helped drive our investment in equipment and innovation, making production incredibly accurate. That means the quality and range of columns we offer are second to none.

All our plunge columns are made with precise tolerances, 1/1000 mm verticality, and full contact bearing surfaces – ensuring even load distribution. We can also create bespoke drilling patterns and sizes, to your specification – all making for easier installation.

Our unique production facility has a customised miller, adapted rollers and a high lifting capacity together with specialist drilling and welding equipment. That means the size of columns we can produce is almost unlimited. So is the breadth of non-standard sizes, thicknesses and drilling configurations we offer.

So, for greater choice, bigger columns and consistent precision and quality, you can come to us.

The team at Cementation Skanska and our proprietary Cemloc® frame system – enabling accurate placement of the columns – means we’re experts at installing piles and plunge columns, too – so we can do that for you too if need us to.

All our customers in the UK and Ireland benefit from a 24-hour support service, seven days a week.

Last updated: 17/10/2023