Smart workflows for smarter works

Companies that understand how to manage the flow of information are best placed to reduce risk and create new opportunities that are valuable to the client.

Managing the flow of information

Our piling and foundations business, Cementation Skanska, is leading the industry with a proven information-based approach to complex projects. From a single spreadsheet, we can create a fully interactive, data driven model that allows us to deliver faster, leaner and greener piling and foundations projects.

On projects such as the Battersea Power Station development, we start with a design schedule spreadsheet that includes size, shape, depth and location data. This spreadsheet is linked to existing 3D models that act as a container for the data. This is all we need to generate the project BIM model, which is used to create elevations, plans and scheduling information.

Point cloud information from laser scans as well as information on plant and ancillary equipment are added before setting foot on site.

Saving time

Using these workflows and processes, we can develop the model in half the time that it would take using the standard processes.

By acting out the works in the visualisation, we can identify any point in the schedule where clashes were likely to occur and alter the proposed schedule accordingly. The time saving benefits of our approach means that better ways of working can be identified much earlier.

Last updated: 23/01/2017