We are experts in modular solutions and off-site manufacturing

Our expertise with modular construction solutions enables us to deliver numerous benefits to schools, colleges and universities, including improved quality, sustainability, delivery programmes and cost reductions.

Our experience in design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) enables us to maximise these benefits, working with our trusted supply chain partners.

Skanska's modular approach, coupled with our expertise in modern construction methods, offers particular advantage for repeated build patterns, such as classrooms.

Building key components remotely to be later assembled on site achieves faster, greener programme delivery.

Industry-leading DfMA expertise

We are at the forefront of developing new and innovative construction solutions that deliver significant benefits to customers.

For example, our approach to standardised components is a key part of how we will deliver projects on the Department for Education’s major construction projects framework. This will deliver cost savings, quality benefits and reduce carbon emissions.

In Sweden, where we are part of a major school construction framework contract, this standardised approach has delivered a 7.5 per cent cost reduction.

Across 43 of our secondary school projects in Bristol, our approach to standardisation, coupled with digitalisation, resulted in a 34khw/m² reduction in building energy use.

Standardisation was also used at Bristol’s Trinity Academy – reducing the amount of different elements that were required.

International knowledge

We also have international expertise in DfMA, which we can call on. Take BoKlok, our affordable homes business, which we run in partnership with IKEA. All the high quality homes it creates are modular and pre-fabricated offsite. BoKlok delivers homes in the UK and range of other countries.

And, internationally, we deliver an enormous range of projects using DfMA. The expertise and approach used can be applied to UK projects, delivering cost, quality and other benefits to customers.

For example, at the New Kainuu Hospital, which Skanska is constructing at Kajaani in Finland, major parts of the façade and other structures were prefabricated offsite. This enabled us to deliver 10,000m² of timber-framed façade elements and attach them to 7,350 precast concrete units on time and budget.

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