Mini piles and restricted access

Piling solutions for confined spaces

In some circumstances it is impossible to mobilise full-size piling equipment because of access and working area constraints, such as in limited headroom under bridges or in existing basements. In these cases, a minipiling solution is often suitable, where smaller, lighter and more manoeuvrable rigs are nonetheless capable of installing a range of pile diameters in a variety of ground conditions.

The choice of minipiling technique, rig and tooling to suit each individual application is a specialist area in which we have many years’ experience. It is essential to discuss design details at an early stage, as pile capacity is often determined by the ground conditions and the plant appropriate to the specific location and constraints.

Cementation Skanska offers a full range of minipiling services. As well as conventionally powered rigs, we operate electric rigs which are suitable for use in very confined spaces such as basements, where exhaust emissions would otherwise be problematic.

Last updated: 08/01/2024