Our health and safety strategy

Our health and safety strategy is focused around 5Cs - culture, competence, communication, contractors, controls – and health and wellbeing.


Ensure a culture of care and concern through our Injury-Free Environment (IFE) programme. Develop leadership skills of entire workforce and create a culture which enables people to stand in their commitment to IFE every day.


Develop health and safety education which inspires and empowers people to work safely or not at all. Develop an equal emphasis on occupational health.


Create an environment to enable collaboration and open discussion. Ensure clear, consistent communications utilising a range of channels to reach all stakeholders.


Engage our supply chain so they are fully aligned to our vision and values. Promote two‑way dialogue to create an equitable learning experience with clear competency requirements.


Ensure we have effective systems in place and they are adhered to consistently through our integrated business management system. Controls and systems to include the management of process risks.

Health and wellbeing

Focus on workplace, worker and wellbeing. Develop skills and capabilities to preserve, protect and promote the health and wellbeing of our employees so they can be 'the best they can be'.

Last updated: 23/01/2017