Capital delivery

Bringing our vision and expertise to large scale capital projects helps us deliver beyond expectations.

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221SAS13 bridge replacement project
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Successful large-scale delivery depends on the knowledge and skill to design solutions that will exceed expectations. With our wealth of global expertise that’s something we can bring to any project.

What rail users really want is a safe, reliable service, value for money and a great travel experience. So, we go out of our way to offer best value solutions that stand the test of time. All with efficiency, sustainability and minimal disruption built in.

We bring specialists together to create collaborative teams that can tackle the most complex of challenges. Always focussed on the end-user, they are adept at working through complexity and supporting customers to ensure efficient, agile delivery that comes in on time and on budget.

The recent SAS bridge replacement project completed in the Midlands is just one example of our capability and approach. It shows how calling on the right specialists to tackle technically and logistically complex projects, working hand in hand with customers and meticulously planning every detail – we deliver impressive results.

Not only did that project make a highly complex bridge move look easy, it achieved value engineering savings over £2m and more than four-times the targeted carbon savings.  We think that really is something to be proud of.

Large scale projects often involve alliances. With collaboration and knowledge sharing central to Skanska’s ethos, we know how to create and work in effective partnerships.

Always adaptable, we often take key roles in collaborative delivery teams and in engaging with multiple stakeholders and disciplines. If needed, we can call on our project development capability to bring in funding and development expertise to help projects get off the ground.

Last updated: 26/06/2023