Management career opportunities

Could you be the one to change how we work?

If you are a natural leader with a strong ambition to make a difference to communities, you can be at the centre of our development. Achieving our goals requires not just excellent strategy, but a shared understanding of where we are going and how to get there. Leading this, is great management.

The secret to your success as a manager at Skanska is the ability to lead yourself and others. Our executives and leaders throughout the organisation are passionate about Skanska’s purpose and know they can make a difference. As influencers, they know the value of acting ethically and transparently while constantly raising the bar on performance. If you want to be part of steering Skanska’s future course and delivering projects that contribute to a better society, join them, and develop your management expertise.

Role examples

  • Project management
  • General/executive management
Last updated: 19/09/2017