Inclusion and Diversity

Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in diversity. We believe that to be truly diverse we must be an inclusive organisation – one that mirrors the societies in which we work.

We thrive through embracing our differences including our different social backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, genders, ages, religions and sexualities.

If people are very similar their views tend to be the same. Diversity opens a rich potential for new ways of thinking, helping us to build successful and winning teams.

The world is changing – we are too

We recognise that in the construction industry we need to do more to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

The communities in which we work are getting more diverse – we need to reflect this change in our business.

Our growth provides an opportunity for us to grow more diverse. Our aim is to attract people from different backgrounds. People who have an open and collaborative approach, creating environments where our employees feel valued and respected. Giving people the opportunity to fully contribute gives them the opportunity to reach their potential.

Last updated: 26/03/2024