Plunged columns CEMLOC

We developed the Cemloc© system to accurately place plunged columns into piles or diaphragm walls. This system is particularly effective when carrying out ‘top-down’ construction, allowing upward construction work to be carried out simultaneously with excavation of the basement, and resulting in significant time saving.

Bearing piles

The diaphragm or pile retaining wall is installed from existing ground level. The main bearing piles are also installed with very accurately placed structural steel columns cast into them as part of the piling process.

The ground floor slab is cast, leaving a hole in the centre, and the basement excavated from underneath. The spoil is removed via the hole. The piles are already in place, as are the structural columns. Construction can therefore carry on upwards as well as down, without waiting for the basement to be finished.

Time saving technique

We used this method while working on the basements for many projects including 1-5 Grosvenor Place. As well as cutting construction time, the use of Cemloc© means there is no need for:

  • permanent liners
  • personnel to descend to trim back the pile head
  • pile caps or base plates

Advantages of Using the CEMLOC®

  • programme times are reduced.
  • structural steel tolerances are achieved in accordance with BS4: Part 1: 1993; BS EN 10034:1993 and NSSS7
  • permanent liners are not required.
  • no need for pile cap or base plates
Last updated: 08/01/2024